Yusei Fudo is been shown to be a buddy to each other Leo and you can Luna

Leo has revealed solid protectiveness and you will envy when someone flirts that have their sis, or whenever she suggests close interest in individuals (especially in japan variation). [9] Following the struggle with Z-you to, Leo blushes on enjoying Luna from inside the the fresh new outfits, leaving comments on it if you’re turning aside and you will smiling (and being substantially flustered). [16]

Yusei Fudo

Leo appears as much as your because finest Duelist he’s actually ever identified. Yusei has given Leo of a lot tips regarding duelling and contains motivated Leo to become even better. This is viewed once Leo faces facing Devack, to which inside the Duel Yusei notices that Leo was duelling much more cautiously, realizing that he’s changed and grown because their very first Duel. [17] As a result of this, pursuing the Duel closes, Yusei congratulates and you may tells Leo that he performed better. [18]

Jack Atlas

Within the event thirteen, Leo was demonstrated to trust Jack Atlas ever since brand new second reigned just like the King. He’s figurines away from Jack and his « Yellow Dragon Archfiend », however thinks of Yusei while the better Duelist adopting the Chance Cup, much in order to Jack’s irritation. In the event he do genuinely believe that, Leo was inspired by the Jack becoming a Duelist. In the Duel against Aporia, Jack observes new things from the Leo and asserted that Leo perform protect some body at any cost whether or not it means letting go of their lifestyle. [8] But not viewed too-much, Jack has revealed concern getting Leo, because the an older friend, and you can says to Leo to never give up attacking (and this occurs when Aporia attempts to get Leo to give up, and if Leo passes away away from Aporia’s attack if you will). [7]

Akiza Izinski

Leo appears to Akiza Izinski given that an effective Duelist, although she ran not as much as their alias, brand new « Black Rose ». Even though he was somewhat scared of their, the guy still admired the lady efficiency. He really wants to end up being rated towards the top of his classification for example the woman is. The guy together with made use of her to face upwards due to their right to Duel into the Duel Academy. [19] The guy usually means their just like the « Large Sis Aki », and also high respect and love for their including a brother. (Japanese version just). [20] [21]

Bob and you will Dexter

Bob and you will Dexter is actually Leo’s family, as he is visible to hang away with these people on Duel Academy (and it has recognized Dexter prior to the guy met Yusei). [19] [9] [22]


Like the other members of Cluster 5D’s, the guy saw Aporia because an opponent. Even before Aporia https://datingranking.net/android/ appeared the very first time Leo already had a particular grudge on the his embodiment Lester. Inside Duel regarding the Divine Temple, Aporia usually triggered Leo to feel despair of the assaulting Jack and you can Luna, but instead, Leo replied from the attacking bravely and died for a moment, then again was renewed given that a Signer, in accordance with Jack and you can Luna, he suggests Aporia guarantee. [7] [8] During Aporia’s Duel up against Z-you to definitely, Leo demonstrated esteem towards Aporia and is usually worried when he had hurt. When Aporia died, Leo try proven to be sadder than just someone else, then he angrily scolded Z-you to definitely having killing him. Ahead of Aporia Dueled Z-you to definitely he informed Leo that he watched the fresh new hope which he owned in this your, hence guarantee are the exact same you to definitely Aporia ended up being trying to. [10] [23]

Leo are a predetermined Flame sign influenced by Sunrays. Given that fifth register the fresh new zodiac, the fresh Leo personal is bold, convinced, independent, loyal and you can reasonable. These are magnetized and you can important folks who are especially in their element when they’ve an enthusiastic appreciative audience. Popular Leos include Mick Jagger (July twenty six), Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (July 28) Martha Stewart (August 3), and you will Expenses Clinton (August 19). Leo is believed out-of as the an effective « royal » signal with regards to icon, this new lion otherwise king of forest, and that’s wise and you can refined, regardless if which very element of their identification will get topic them to become slightly vain and overbearing.

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